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About me


My name is Mandy Denise and I am a tattoo artist living in The Hague, Netherlands. After working at 2 tattooshops I opened my own shop, called Zodiac Tattoo, in June 2018!

After drawing my whole life eversince I was a small child, I started tattooing In May 2012.

Based on my realistic drawings, I got to start at a tattoo-shop when a tattoo-artist noticed my work. Unexpectedly I rolled into the business. While I did not expect to ever be a tattoo artist, this became the best dream job for a drawing fanatic like me!

The very first tattoo I did was a black&grey rose without outline on my own upperleg. From that moment on I started with small tattoos, but quickly developed my own feminine and detailed style.

My work mostly consists of floral and nature based tattoos that seem to look like a painting. I love tattooing a variety of animals and flowers with fine details.

Since my drawings were often realistic portraits I also love tattooing these. My style since starting has become a mixture of botanical and nature-inspired tattoos and portrait work. I tattoo in both color and black & grey equally.

Besides tattooing I have started to get into painting more. I have several watercolor
prints available on my website to order. These botanical illustrations would be lovely in a wooden frame on your wall, or great as a little gift!

I hope you enjoy my work and maybe see you soon!