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You want to book in a tattoo with me? Nice!

Read here how to book in!

If I’m able to book you in you will receive a reply as soon as possible.
At the moment a lot of emails and inquiries come in, While this is really awesome, I only have 2 hands and I simply can not take on everybody who emails me. Unfortunately I can’t book in tattoos that are not in my style. Based on your idea and explanation I can hopefully book you in. The more freedom I get with the tattoo and design, the more likely I will book you in. So give me a cool idea and we can make an appointment!

How long is the waiting list?

With my new way of booking appointments, my waiting list is 5-7 months. I book 3 months extra at certain moments. Read here when you can email me!

What is your style?

My style is mainly inspired by nature, such as animals, flowers and combinations of these. I mainly tattoo with a soft hand, no outlines and with lots of detail making it look realistic. Tattoos I’m likely to book in are detailed realistic pieces in this nature-inspired style and (animal) portraits.

But, I also enjoy doing dotwork and mandala styles! And even combinations of linework and my realistic style.


Where do you work?

I work at my new studio Zodiac Tattoo, Thomsonlaan 51, 2565HX Den Haag, Netherlands.
Here on the contact page you will find a map. www.zodiactattooshop.nl


How does the process work for a big tattoo like a sleeve/ backpiece?

A sleeve, back-piece or larger tattoo is done in multiple sessions. Usually an average session is around 3,5 -4 hours of tattooing. This seems to work best for me and the client. But sometimes a longer session of around 5-7 hours is neccesary. How many sessions you need depends on the placement, size, color/black&grey etc. A full sleeve from upper arm to wrist is around 8-10 sessions. A half-sleeve is around 4-5 sessions. A sleeve in my realistic style takes some time to get all the details in. Especially with sleeves and larger tattoos it is best to give me the idea and info, but leave the design and placement of everything up to me to get the nicest result.


How long have you been tattooing?

I’ve been tattooing for 7 years. After drawing eversince I was a child, I started tattooing in May 2012.


Can you cover-up my tattoo?

Unfortunately my soft and light style is usually not good for cover-ups. Something small (1-4cm) might be possible, but dark and large tattoos can’t really be covered up nicely in my style. Because of the amount of emails and inquiries, I can not take on too many cover-ups.

I do work a lot with scar cover-ups. Scars need to be healed for 1 year or more, and have to be white and not irritated. You can send a picture of your scar(s) if you want some information.


Can I drop by to talk first?

Because I am tattooing all day at the shop, I unfortunately can not stop in the middle of sessions for consultations too much. Since opening the new shop, Zodiac Tattoo, I have a part time assistant at the desk, usually on wednesdays. You are welcome to drop by with any questions! But the best way to contact me is to email me (mandydenisetattoo@gmail.com).
When your tattoo fits my style, I will try to reply as soon as possible and hopefully book you in. If the tattoo is a bit more tricky, of course we can schedule a consultation beforehand. But if you just have a question you are always welcome to email!


Do I have to make do a deposit?

Yes, a deposit of €100,- is required to book an appointment. This is non-refundable, regardless of reason and time of cancelling. You can reschedule an appointment once, without losing your deposit. You would have to reschedule earlier than 72 hours (3 days) before your appointment. If you reschedule/ cancel within 72 hours of your appointment, the deposit is lost. I book 5/7 months in advance so I can not reschedule your appointment further than these 5/7 months. When you reschedule, you can book a new appointment in the following booking round.

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